API Documentation is developed for designers, with simple API tags you can manage your templates with easy. Our API based on Smarty templates. Smarty is an engine, facilitating the separation of presentation (HTML, CSS, JS) from scripts logic. This implies that PHP code is script logic, and is separated from the presentation on frontend. Also we are providing the reference to designers can utilize all core Smarty components for better code integration and maintenance.

What are the benefits for MOKKIO API?

  • No software to install or maintain
  • Total control over HTML viewed by end user
  • Flexibility for custom developed templates
  • Fast template deployment for designers
  • Quick and easy to maintain a website styles
  • Syntax is easy to understand, no programming knowledge required
  • No security risks

On our API website we will give you step-by-step tutorials how to prepare your own custom template and apply it to a website.